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08 June 2010

A Study Room

This reminds me of my High school days.Studying for the exams late night.This work is still in progress.Dark night,study room with a lamp,total silence and those book monsters.May be thats the next Pixar story ....hahahahaha.I must say I love Pixars story telling ,So many nice animation movies they made for us and are still making.The power of
animation is beyond imagination.With latest use of animation in the hollywood blockbuster James camerons:AVATAR the future of cinema seems to change forever.


That picture reminds me of my late nights studying for college tests. I did my studying in high school during the day!

It was nice meeting you!

~Elizabeth :)

PS--as a novelist, i LOVE to imagine the impossible. CG makes fantasy and everything else come to life! ;)

Hi, and welcome to Tessa's bloghop.

Having a browse whilst here I noticed your Wacon Tablet fairy - cute!

If you're into the writing side (scripting) re animation etc., I have a blogfest coming up in Dec. It's a twisted fairy tale plot theme. Perchanse the challeng might tempt you, and it's a great way of meeting established long-term and new bloggers ;)


Nice meeting you too Elizabeth :)


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