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25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy new year

Christmas tree

Hi Friends at last the wait is over.Christmas is the time of the year when we wait for jingle bells and wishing our near and dear ones the best of everything.Christmas is the time the children wait for their gifts from santa.Christmas is the perfect time to spread love and joy.This celebration is not complete until we pray to God and wish our loved ones.So, what can be better than sending Christmas wishes to all friends who are near or far from us.CGmagicDblog wishes all friends and followers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.May God bless you with the best of his gifts this new year.May success chase you through out the new year.Here's a small part of cgmagic's unlimited wishes for you.You can download the CG magic christmas & new year wallpaper from the downloads page.Click the image below------------->

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15 December 2010

What music do you like?

Watch this funny animation.I did this in 10 minutes by the help of text to animation.It's really funny and it's specially for my blog visitors, my friends.Watch it and laugh as much as you can.The scene is two stranger guys meet in a street and then one of them starts conversation.But the other one is a bit showy fellow.So the conversation turns into a cold war of who like what music.Just for fun animation.....have fun and comments are needed.Takecare friends.Will be back soon.

10 December 2010

Sketch of a Maharastrian Man

Last night I was trying to draw something and ended up with this.Was feeling really bored and no particular idea was coming to my mind.In fact I was so bored that I kept on drawing things again & again and then throwing them here and there because I was not liking them at all.Hope my friends will like this one.It’s a sketch of a Maharastrian man with a Maharastrian topi(cap) and a long moustache.

29 November 2010

Digital Painting Of an Indian actress

Hi friends.How are you all?I am back again and this time with a new digital painting.I tried to paint Indian actress Sonal chauhan.I like her specially her smile :).So

21 November 2010

Photorealistic Rendering with Mental Ray

Hi Guys,how are you all?After a long time I am back with some new work.I was really busy and was unable to update my blog,sorry for that.This time I have tried my hands on photorealistic rendering.The image posted is the final output which took around 5 minutes to render with final gather on and

08 June 2010

A Study Room

This reminds me of my High school days.Studying for the exams late night.This work is still in progress.Dark night,study room with a lamp,total silence and those book monsters.May be thats the next Pixar story ....hahahahaha.I must say I love Pixars story telling ,So many nice animation movies they made for us and are still making.The power of

28 May 2010

The Vue Magic

This is a test work.I used E-on Vue for this.Vue is an excellent software to create extremely realistic looking scenes.E-on Vue and other E-on products were used in feature films such as “Avatar”, “Clash of The Titans”, “The Wolf Man”, “2012”, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", "GI Joe – The Rise of The Cobra", "The Proposal", "Land Of The Lost", "Terminator 4, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, "Indiana Jones 4", "Monster Vs Aliens", "Australia", "The Spiderwick Chronicles", "KungFu Panda", "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" proving itself the leader in realism when it comes to Cg.Very user friendly software I must say and it's fun using this master tool.Creating complex cg shots like in 'Avatar' & '2012' and that to believable ones is fun with Vue.I just love this software.Takecare and keep the art alive.Love you all.

19 May 2010

Caustics Test

Just a r&d work I did to clear the idea of caustics in Autodesk maya.Lighting  in a virtual environment needs a lot of R&D,just to get more natural lighting in the virtual environment.I am still developing my skills.Will post more.Love you all.Thanks.

15 May 2010

My Fairy

This is my first photoshop painting painted with my new wacom tablet.I am not much into sketching and painting.Actually I was not,but from the day I got my wacom tablet I am trying more and more digital painting and sketching.It's an awesome experience for me.Thanks Dad for giving me such a wonderful present for my birthday.I love it & will paint more and post them here.I also do 3d lighting and texturing and will post those works too.So keep visiting at regular intervals to comment on them.I need your comments.Thanks for visit.

04 April 2010

The Graveyard

This is one of my recent 3d work.The setup here is a graveyard in the middle of a deep forest on a full moon night.Inspired by films like van helsing,underworld etc,by the colour theme of those movies which were awesome,I tried to do something like that and here comes the output.3D setup,texturing and lighting done in Autodesk Maya,Rendered with Mental ray,composed in Adobe after effects.Hope u guys like it.Do post your valuable comments.Thanks.
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