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14 October 2011

Light,Shade and Memories

Abhisek Panda Photography
Nothing feels better than relaxing with a cup of coffee and some music at a nearly inaudible volume level..That's what I do every Sunday evening.Clicked this photo of my friend while he was relaxing on the couch and looking outside the window.We shared the same flat in Mumbai during our animation course at ZICA.I miss those days when we friends used to stay together.Back then the only meaning of life was fun.Each one of us is in a separate world now, but thankfully because of Facebook we are still in touch.

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so nice to know people u have the same passion as me... let share the pictures heheheh

Hello Abhisek.

Thank goodness for FB...to reconnect friends & family & also to connect new friends.

Nice shot & post.

Thanks for sharing.

The Beauty Of Love

Nothing like a cup of tea/coffee and music playing in the back ground...
True, FB keeps everyone connected.

@eigroj Yes it's always great to know people who share the same passion.Let's keep clicking and sharing. :)

@Andy Yes Facebook really helps to reconnect with friends,and now G+ also doing the same.Thanks for your views.

@Shobha Yes it's true..it's a great way to relax.

Its good to chill out, lay back, forget about everything, and lose yourself in the music. I still love just turning the volume up, and letting the music into my soul

@Larry Yes it is...good to know we got something in common. :)


Thank you so much for leaving the blog link.. What a beautiful click.. and Glad FB is rocking and helping us to keep in touch with our friends..

Someone is Special

@Someone is Special

Well, Thank you for following that link I left.Thanks..glad you liked the snap.In today's world we are hardly getting any time to physically meet our friends and social network sites like Facebook and Google+ are doing a great job connecting us with our friends 24/7. :)

Thanks for connecting with me Abhisek. I am just finishing my first sem of animation. I think I would learn a lot from your blog.

BTW the photograph is awesome. Very good capture

Thanks Rayyan and Welcome to my online home. :)

I agree! Coffee and music are the best when shared together and with a friend... it's perfect! ;)

You are right Farfalla..Coffee and music are the best when shared together and with a friend.Thanks for stopping by. :)


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