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29 November 2010

Digital Painting Of an Indian actress

Hi friends.How are you all?I am back again and this time with a new digital painting.I tried to paint Indian actress Sonal chauhan.I like her specially her smile :).So
I decided to paint her portrait first.It took me around 30 minutes to paint the portrait.Hope you like it friends.I am new to painting so there might be some mistakes please comment and let me know.I have started painting lately and I’m loving it.Do comment guys as it encourages me to work more and post them.Will be back soon with some new work.Love you friends.Takecare :)


please check back our site for your award..
cheers... have fun blogging...

Thanks bloggersreview for the award :)

Really strong effort.. What program are you using?? I kind of like the idea for one or two images in a wedding


Thanks......It's Photoshop Jim :D


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