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15 December 2010

What music do you like?

Watch this funny animation.I did this in 10 minutes by the help of text to animation.It's really funny and it's specially for my blog visitors, my friends.Watch it and laugh as much as you can.The scene is two stranger guys meet in a street and then one of them starts conversation.But the other one is a bit showy fellow.So the conversation turns into a cold war of who like what music.Just for fun animation.....have fun and comments are needed.Takecare friends.Will be back soon.


hiii... a very well decorated and lively Blog....
i like the way u hav arranged ur page.... congrats.....


Thanks and welcome to CG magic.Would love to listen from u more often.:)

Third time....just for you..This is the first time that I have come across such a techno savvy site,loved it,all I can say is that you are immensely talented,it shows...and you seem to be very young also..keep up your good work..and wishing you the very best for a great future....(Jai Maharashtra>>was in Nagpur)

the coolest blog i have seen...reflects ur dedication towards art aptly....teach me too how u do this when u get tym...
enjoyed to the core..

Thanks and Welcome to CG magic Nandini :D


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